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Class Assignment

Some instructors give students assignments or extra credit for utilizing Career Services. If your professor has instructed you to make an appointment for these reasons, choose this option. Please include the name of the course, the instructor and what your assignment is (resume, cover letter, mock interview, etc.) in the notes portion of the booking.

*Mock Interview assignments require a 60 minute appointment so please select the option below.

(30 minutes)

Choosing a Major

Selecting an educational path can be a daunting task. Choose this option and let Career Services help you! During these appointments, we will discuss your values, skills and abilities along with prospective future careers and which majors might be the best fit for you.

(30 minutes)

FOCUS Assessment Review

Choose this option and get to know yourself a little better! If you are a student or alum who has completed a FOCUS assessment, schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor to debrief your results and explain the major and career options that are available to you.

(30 minutes)

Create a Resume (Currently Do Not Have a Resume)

If you have ever started working on a resume only to realize you have no idea what information to include, this is the option you want to choose. You will get the opportunity to speak with a Career Counselor one-on-one to walk through the Resume Resource Packet, resume formatting, and relevant information.

(30 minutes)

Resume/Cover Letter Review

Think it will take a bit longer? Select a one hour appointment slot.

(1 hour)

Internship Questions

If you are interested in landing an internship or job shadowing opportunity, choose this option. A Career Counselor will show you how to search for these openings.

(30 minutes)

Job Search Techniques

If you are like most students, then you are probably in college to someday land a fantastic job. Let Career Services help and choose this option! We will show you a database of available career opportunities along with other job hunting tips.

(30 minutes)

Mock Interview

Interviews can be intimidating events in one’s life, however, practice makes perfect! Choose this option and gain real life interview preparation. Wear your business best and bring copies of your resume!

(30 minutes)


Need help with something else career related but do not see it on this list? Choose this option!

(30 minutes)